BS50LD өргөх ширээ BSL цуврал

Heavy duty range.

New design to meet norm EN1570:1999.

New hydraulic system increases safety and protects your goods,tepless rate of lowering system remains irrespectibe of the weight of the load.

би өргөх дугаар13104101310411
Хүчин чадалкг (Иб.)500(1100)1000(2200)
Мин.Форкийн өндөрмм (дотор)470(18.5)520(20.5)
Макс Форк өндөрмм (дотор)2000(80)
Table Sizeмм (дотор)1200*800(47.2*31.5)
Handle Heightмм (дотор)1030(40.5)(42.5)
Ground Clearenceмм (дотор)68.5(2.7)125(5)
Lowering timesec2244
Цэвэр жинкг (Иб.)222(488.4)242(532.4)

1.Exquisite workmanship

Countertops бүгд өндөр температурт будаж, электростатикаар цацдаг. Гөлгөр, цэвэр гадаргуутай, бат бөх, зэврэлтэнд тэсвэртэй

2.Thickened and stable scissors

Thickened scissors, durable and safe, strong load-bearing, stable performance


3.High-strength polyurethane wheels

The mute effect is stronger, the wheels are more wear-resistant, and the rear wheel has a brake

4.Descending handle, handle-type descending handle, precise control of descending speed

The rebound design can stop the descent at will