TP-1208N-D тавиурын хүүхэлдэйнд зориулсан овоолгын хүрээ

The Features of Stacking Frames for Pallet Dollies :

  • Stacking frames for pallet dolies. For parking flat pallets and pallet cages at an ergonomically comfortable level.
  • Angle steel construction with catch corners, sturdy tubular supports with base plates.
  • Stable support tubes with foot plates, to be inserted into corner sleeves at the stacking frame, Powder coatedStacking frames can be bolted tight with the pallet dolly via base plates and bolting set(included in delivery).
би өргөх дугаар1512206
Өндөрмм (дотор)600,650,700,750,800,850 (23.6,25.6,27.5,29,5,31.5,33.5)
Хүчин чадалкг (фунт)1200(2640) @ height 600,650(23.6,25.6)
кг (фунт)1000(2200) @ height 700,750(27,5,29.5)
кг (фунт)800(1760) @ height 800,850(31.5,33.5)
Платформын хэмжээ LxWмм (дотор)1210x810(47.6x31.9)
Тавиурын хувьд LxWмм (дотор)1200x800(47.2x31.5)
Wheelsмм (дотор)Polyamide <t>125x45(05x1.8)
Цэвэр жинкг (фунт)45(99)